cupcake with cloud frosting


Cloud Cakes has been serving the Chicago area since 1987. We strive for and deliver the freshest and tastiest cakes (and cupcakes) for any occasion, including weddings, birthdays, baby showers, or even just for a tasty day.

We know how important getting the perfect cake is for your special day. We have a professional team that is dedicated to creating the perfect cake, just for you and your guests. Our team is here either in person or over the phone to answer any questions you may have about our cakes or business.

We pride ourselves in sourcing fresh produce whenever possible from local farms and making all our fruit jams/preserves in house. Our delicious buttercream frosting is made with a special recipe for that high quality, sweet and buttery flavor that everyone craves in their cake.

Cake of the Month

Strawberry Shortcake: a staff favorite including a white cake base, with our freshly made whipped cream, topped with an in-house strawberry jam, topped with locally sourced strawberries. Take a trip into the flavor of spring with our light and fluffy cake, topped with airy frosting and fresh, juicy strawberries

Custom Cakes

Create the perfect cake, exactly as you envision it for your special day. For large wedding cake designs, please allow send in your request *one month in advance*. For medium sized birthday cake designs, allow us *one week in advance*. For custom cupcakes, they can be requested 2-3 days in advance, however we do offer an expedited option for our birthday cake and cupcake designs.

Featured Bakery

Want to pick out something last minute? Or maybe you just want something that is already ready-made? Check out our featured bakery, where you can find some of our failed creations at a discount price, orders that were never received, and even some plain cakes/cupcakes for our friends on a budget. We offer decorative writing at no extra charge on our featured bakery cakes.

Featured Wedding Cakes

Predesigned Wedding Cakes, for those in a wedding emergency, or for those who enjoy simpler wedding cakes. No extra decorations will be done on the featured wedding cakes, featured wedding cakes come as is. Selection may be limited depending on if we are fully booked. Simple wedding cakes can be requested 4-7 business days in advance.

*custom cakes will have a 50% up-front fee in the event of cancellation. Custom wedding cakes may be cancelled for one week after the initial consultation for a full refund, medium birthday cake designs will not be refunded. Depending on how booked we are, we can expedite your order for a 20% fee. To see if we can expedite your order, you can call the store via our contact section, or walk-ins


You can contact Cloud Cakes at 123-456-7788 or at
with inquiries or concerns about an order. We will have a team member contact through email within 1-2 business days. For more urgent inquiries, such as last minute custom adjustments, please contact us through our number so we can get to you asap.

*For placing orders please see our reservation form on our menu page or call directly. Calls may be recorded for training purposes.